What are some of the best libertarian podcasts?

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I get asked all the time what podcasts I listen to, so I thought I’d share. Do you listen to these? Thank you for joining me on the fifteenth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Libertarian Podcasts I Listen To Edition.

What are my favorite podcasts? I get this question an awful lot, so I thought I would take a few minutes and answer it. So many people out there put out a list of “the best liberty podcasts” or “the top ten libertarian podcasts.” That is nothing more than someone’s opinion, so instead of trying to tell you what you should think are the top liberty podcasts, I’m just going to tell you the ones I actually listen to on a regular basis. There are a ton of podcasts out there, both liberty related and non-liberty related, and I listen to quite a few of them. These are in no specific order and this is not an all-encompassing list. There are surely some great liberty podcasts out there that I don’t listen to, so let me know if I missed any so I can check them out!

  • No list of libertarian podcasts would be complete without the awesome Tom Woods Show. I admit I don’t listen to his show every day, but I do listen to at least a couple of episodes each week. He covers so many topics and puts out so much content, I’m only able to listen to the topics I enjoy or care about. This is a must add podcast to your podcatcher.
  • Lions of Liberty is a thrice-weekly show that I listen to every chance I get. Marc Clair interviews libertarians from many perspectives, including yours truly. They also have an episode every Friday called Felony Friday where they talk about the criminal justice system. Give this one some of your time. You won’t regret it.
  • Johnny Rocket Launch Pad is rock and roll liberty at its finest. This is a new one to my list but I never miss an episode. Johnny, the beautiful Heather, and Curt put on a great show every week. And don’t forget about what chaps’ Billy’s ass! Great show here.
  • The Dangerous History Podcast is another must-listen. CJ is a college history professor and uses his podcast to tell you the history that the establishment would rather you not know. The Dangerous History Podcast takes CJ’s countless hours spent as a Professional History Dork, his own words, and boils all the most interesting and important stuff he has learned into podcast episodes, combining education with entertainment with the ultimate goal of empowerment.
  • FPP Radio News is the daily five-minute current news podcast from friend and donor to this show, Darryl W. Perry, that I listen to every day. He also has a thrice weekly thirty minute Peace, Love, Liberty Radio show that is on the same feed, along with his weekly five-minute FPP Radio Minute. Great stuff here that you don’t want to miss. I never miss an episode, and I donate to this show monetarily.
  • Free Thoughts from Libertarianism.org is a weekly podcast about an hour each episode that goes into detail on libertarian topics every week. They generally bring in a guest to focus on a single topic and hit it hard. Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus ask their guest really good questions and they really seek their teeth into the topics. This one may be a bit cerebral at times, but that is part of its attraction for me.
  • The KN@PP Stir Podcast is a weekly commentary podcast done by my good friend Tom Knapp. He has really ramped up his game on the quality of the production and his commentary is always dead on. I’ve known Tom for a lot of years so I was stoked when he started this podcast. I highly recommend you check this one out. It is a must-listen for anarcho-capitalists.
  • The Libertarian Atheist Podcast is one I listen to by Carlos Morales. Obviously, this is one that is not for everyone who listens to my show, but it is great content. It is not a regular podcast as it seems that Carlos puts one out whenever he has something to say. The podcast says it “embraces reason over delusion, freedom over government, and peace over war.” If you’re a libertarian atheist, I highly recommend this one.
  • Liberty Entrepreneurs is a podcast by Ashe Whitener that provides an alternative perspective to achieving individual freedom through the creative entrepreneurial process.  This is another one that I never miss. He talks to entrepreneurs in the liberty revolution about how they got their start and how they got to where they are today.
  • Another liberty entrepreneur podcast I listen to is The Nathan Fraser Show. Nathan brings a great perspective to entrepreneurship every week covering a different important topic each episode. Sometimes he brings experts in to give their opinions and other times he is the expert and shares with you from his experiences. If you are liberty minded, and want to grow your business or activism, this is the show for you.
  • There are several cryptocurrency podcasts out there, but the only one I never miss is NeoCash Radio. This podcast is done by my friends JJ, Darren, and Randy. They give you the scoop on what’s happening in the crypto world every week. I generally listen to this one as quickly as I can so I don’t miss any news in crypto.
  • The School Sucks podcast by Brett Veinotte is one that I’ve listened to for many, many years. I don’t listen as much as I used to frankly because I just don’t have the time, but if you are looking for a great liberty podcast to add to your list, definitely pick this one up.
  • Sovryn Tech by Dr. Brian Sovryn is another podcast I never miss, ever. I may disagree with Brian on some things, and I’ve yelled at my phone a few times listening to it, but I cannot argue that the man knows his technology. If you want to learn technology from a liberty perspective, this is your podcast. Brian talks a lot about privacy and security as well, which is a huge passion of mine, and he is just a big geek talking about sci-fi and gaming as well. I love this show and it always goes to the top of my podcatcher every week. I also donate to this show monetarily.
  • The Voluntary Life is a podcast from Jake Desyllas that is about entrepreneurship, financial independence, and freedom. This is another one I never miss. His perspectives on minimalism, entrepreneurship, and travel are just phenomenal to listen to. His shows are almost always less than 30 minutes every week, so it’s easy to fit into even a busy lifestyle. Don’t miss this one.
  • Of course, you should always be listening to The LAVA Flow Podcast… wait, you don’t subscribe to the LAVA Flow yet? What the actual fuck? But I’m also involved in another podcast project that may or may not interest you. We do a bi-weekly podcast called the Freecoast Freecast that is geared towards libertarianism in our local Freecoast area of New Hampshire, with local news and local happenings. There is also a history segment with local history and a philosophy segment on general libertarian philosophy every episode. I enjoy doing this project with some of my good friends, Nick, Mike, and Matt. Give it a listen.
  • And, finally, We are Libertarians is one I would be remiss if I didn’t mention. Chris Spangle and I go way back and Greg Lenz is someone I would call a friend as well, scarily enough. They tout the show as bringing all of the irreverence modern politics deserves, and I couldn’t agree more. If you’re into comedy podcasts with a liberty perspective then this one may be for you. They’ve even had me on the show a few times, which always brings the quality of the show way up.

You can find links to all of these shows in the show notes to this episode at thelavaflow.com/tls015

Non-liberty podcasts and my favorite podcatcher

I also listen to a ton of non-liberty podcasts like This American Life, Serial, Freakonomics, almost everything Gimlet Media puts out, Skeptoid, and a bunch of podcasts about the technology and techniques of podcasting. I even listen to several IT related podcasts, since I need to keep up with my field.

I’m also often asked what podcatcher I use. I used to use the iPhone Podcasts app, but I switched to Overcast quite a while ago. With Overcast you can listen on your mobile device or in your browser, and where you leave off in one device, you can pick up at that same spot on another device. I love Overcast. You should check it out.

Until next time… keep striking the root!

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Rodger Paxton
Rodger Paxton
Rodger, who runs the LAVA Flow Podcast, is a long-time libertarian activist and former Chairman and Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas. Rodger and his wife Jessica are Free State Project movers who unschool their children at home.